Massage Therapy Schools

Massage Therapy Schools: Don’t Just Think About Applying, Do It

Thinking of attending massage therapy classes? Do you live in the following states:

1) Michigan
2) California
3) Utah
4) Texas

You can apply to get your certification by googling any one of the following:

1)Michigan massage therapy certification
2)Utah massage therapy certification
3)San Diego massage therapy certification
4)Massage therapy classes San Antonio
5)Montana Board of Massage Therapy

Once you have found the school you want to go to, you might be curious about the fees. I’m not going to lie. Massage therapy classes are like any other class, they will cost you some money.

You do have a number of options to help you afford your education. Let’s look at a few of them right now.

1) You will be charged between $10-17 per hour of class. If you state has no minimum requirements, your costs might be cheaper. If your state offers no requirements or only minimal requirements, you can opt to take shorter classes. It’s all up to you. Check with your state first before you apply.

2) Most schools will insist on anywhere from 500-600 hours of training and class work. This is all before you get your licensing in. This could amount up to and over $10,000. I’m tell you this so you’ll know what to expect. You might want to talk to your perspective school before attending your first class. See what all is expected of you.


If you attend an accredited school, financial aid will most definitely be easily accessible. Look online to see other options which could be available. All I am saying is that accredited schools will put your foot in the financial door much sooner.


1) FAFSA–This is the same thing other college kids fill out. It’s to determine financial eligibility and the resources which are available to you.

2) Veterans Assistance–This only works if you are a vet. You will have to prove your veterans status, just FYI.

3) No-interest payments–This is a good option to have, if your state will allow for it.

4) Private Loan Financing—With this one, you might want to speak to a financial person before signing up for. There are some things that you need to be aware of with this program. Not all the information will be told to you up front, unless you ask them.


1) This is based on personal experience. Never borrow more money then you have to. Even if the school offer it to you, only take what you need.

2) Always ask about the interest rates and other fees attached to your schooling. Most massage schools will not be up front with you about every single cost.

3) Are you going to be able to start paying things back while in school? This is a question every kid/adult in school needs to ask.

Best Electronic Gadgets as Gifts

The best use of electronics and gadgets may be as gifts for special events, holidays and traditional birthdays. With the advent of increasingly new technology, just about everyone appreciates a cool electronic gadget as a gift regardless of the occasion in modern society.

Sometimes even an electronic gadget as a spoof gift may go over better than expected, particularly if given with a spirit of joy and goodwill.

Top Choices in Gift Giving
Electronic gifts come in all sizes and shapes. Regardless of your budget you are bound to find something that will please your potential recipient. For the individual that likes to care for the home, there are many home improvement gifts that help organize, tidy and ensure the home stays spic and span. Some of the best gifts in this category include:

· Dirt Detecting Radio Frequency Robotic Vacuum – made by iRobot, analyzes a room, determines the best cleaning path and cleans the floor using an electronic back and forth motion. Provides HEPA filters for optimal air quality and cleaning.

· Water Filtration Vacuum – This product provides automatic cleaning features similar to the dirt detecting vacuum, only will also provide allergen removal via a water filtration device.

· Whole House Weather Alert System – Uses a NOAA message encoding protocol to provide you with a personalized weather advisory, and sounding alarm in the event a serious weather situation is pending. This is a perfect electronic gadget for anyone living in an area that has the potential for serious weather events.

· Solar Power Generator – The ideal backup for power in your home, and perfect for providing emergency electrical support for all of your home appliances. Provides 16 hours of backup AC for emergency power failure. Powered by the sun, nature’s natural energy supply. Every home should have one! Power up any electrical appliance in your home using this amazing natural wonder machine.

Best High End Electronic Gadgets

Some electronic gadgets are the kind you can only get if you have extra money to spare. These high end items are often frivolous toys that you can play with. They are show off items. If you have them, people know that you have money to blow, and great taste at that.

The latest high end luxury electronic gadgets make life easier, and much better simply from the pleasure of enjoying these items.

· Beats Studio Headphones. These luxury headphones provide a sleek design and custom digital software that delivers the perfect audio experience, making it seem like you are listening to music direct from the studio. There’s nothing quite like these remarkable gadgets, created by Dr. Dre along with Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Lovine.
· Ubuntu. These is a dual boot mobile device for mobile phones or for use as a mobile pc, complete with a multi core processor, 4GB of ram, Bluetooth and an HDMI output; use this mobile technology as a PC or mobile phone in Android mode.
· Memoto Lifelogging Camera. This unique camera provides you with an opportunity to record everyday life, snapping pictures as you go around conducting your daily affairs, using Google Glass technology and a voice command. Now that’s cool for an electronic gadget. Go jogging or go for a walk and take pictures as you fly by the park without stopping to press a button. It’s weatherproof so you won’t have to worry about rain or snow.
· Smart Socks. Heapsylon has created Sensoria Fitness Socks, the latest in technological innovations. This is the latest in wearable technology, designed to keep you informed of how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, how far you’ve run and how fast, and exactly where you land your feet. As if that weren’t enough you can calculate exactly how close you are to meeting your fitness goals.

How to Choose a New Electronic Gadget

Dozens of new electronic gadgets hit the market every day. If you are in the market for something new or high tech, it can become a mind boggling task trying to buy something. Maybe you are in the market for a new electronic gadget as a gift. Or perhaps you simply like to invest in the latest technology.

New electronic gadgets include personal computers and smart phones. Technology continues to advance at an increasingly rapid pace. It is nearly impossible to keep up with technological advances. The first step in purchasing an electronic gadget is selecting what type of gadget you want. For example, you need to decide whether you want something unique, or a traditional gadget like a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or other handy device.

Once you decide what type of gadget you want, you will need to decide what type of model you want. If you decide on a traditional electronic gadget, like a laptop or table, you need to decide if you want a Mac or Windows platform. This is a critical decision, because each comes with unique features, pros and cons.

Other decisions you’ll need to make include whether you want the best graphics for playing games, or whether you are purchasing your electronic device for conducting business or office work. These factors influence the type of laptop you must purchase, and how much money you ultimately have to spend on an electronic device.

If buying a smart phone, many different options and plans are available. These can dictate how much you invest in your phone. Phablets or smart phone tablets are among the latest electronic gadgets to hit the market. You’ll have to decide if this budget-conscious option is the best choice for you. Remember you can download updates to your laptop, tablet or smart phone regardless of the decision that you make.

Often simply reviewing websites will give you an idea of what products will suit your need, lifestyle and budget so that you can make smart choices.

Lost Keys? There is an Electronic Gadget for That

How inconvenient is it to lose your keys, and spend hours looking for them, especially when you are late for an appointment? If there were a way to prevent the loss of your keys that would be great, but unfortunately sometimes there is no way to avoid this.

Fortunately thanks to modern technology you can avoid key loss, or at least find your keys more easily. One of the handiest electronic gadgets to hit the market is the Tile App. For some this electronic gadget has been life changing. The Tile App is an application that works with the iOS. It synchronizes with small tags, making it easy to attach to certain items including keys, wallets and laptops. You can simply tell the application to find your keys or that you forgot where you put them. It’s that simple.

If your keys are within a 50 to 150 foot range, the app can help you locate them. It will use an audible alert to help you find what you have lost, and not just keys. The built in GPS chips saves the last location of whatever it is that you have lost. If you forgot your laptop somewhere, the app will help you find it.

Of course, you shouldn’t get too excited yet, the Tile App won’t be available until early 2014. But you can pre-order this app. You can use the app with the iPod or Touch 5, and iPhone. You don’t need to use batteries or charge the battery.

Use the app with your wallet, and never lose your wallet in a pair of pants or suit jacket again. There’s nothing like the beauty of knowing with a single tile you can find your most important items. Since keys are the most often lost items, why not attach it to your keys, and never worry about missing an appointment again?

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